What's In The Box?

Oh yeah...I posted a teaser oh about a zillion months ago about a box I found in my parents barn attic.

Going through boxes in my parents attic was a hodge-podge of jobs past. There were Anchor Blue boxes, paper boxes pilfered from an old office job and Outback Steakhouse boxes. Yup, that good old dark bushwhacker bread comes in some pretty sturdy boxes. {My favorite job joke; the salads at Outback are layered with lettuce, dressing and then the toppings....so when we brought the salad out to the table and people asked "Where's the dressing?" we would reply "Down Under." hahahahaha! Get it? Outback? Down Under? It makes me LOL every single time.}

After 10 years, I hadn't really thought of any of the boxes other than cringing every Christmas when my mom would have to get in the barn and move them around. Oh yeah...those boxes. The ones I should move from her place to mine. What are in half of those boxes anyway?? Old yearbooks, books, college textbooks...meh. Stuff. Junk. Nothing I missed.

Trigonometry homework from 1998? What am I ever going to do with that???

I went to college...once. A long time ago.

Junior year of high school
What color is that lipstick? My junior year of high school. 1997-1998

Except this box. I knew this box was up there. I knew which Outback Steakhouse box it was and where I had put it. I had asked my mom repeatedly about This. Specific. Box. Instead I kept getting boxes with crap in them. Utter crap. {Hello 1994 Pearl Jam concert tickets. I didn't even like Pearl Jam.} Every time we moved, which is A LOT, and my parents helped I asked her to bring me the box. So finally on this last move from Las Cruces to Carlsbad {which actually required two moves, one from our house to her house and then to Carlsbad. Let me just say that moving your stuff twice in just as many months stinks.Why on Earth is our couch sooooooo heavy?!} I got my butt up that ladder and pulled out alllllllll my old boxes.

I am a true child of 90s music. Original No Doubt, Everclear, Green Day. That Madonna tape is a fluke. I plead the fifth on that one. Unfortunately so many of the cases didn't have the discs. I had them in my car and when that car was stolen, so were all my cd's. RIP Beastie Boys collection. I hope who ever stole my car looked at my cd's and thought "she has good taste." But probably not since it was found 4 days later with over 1,000 miles and Mexico plates on it.


My husband and I had a good time going through all the music and reminiscing. He's 5 years older than me, so he would say something like "That Green Day cd came out when I was a senior in high school" and I'd say "I bought it in the seventh grade."
I Love the 90's

So there you have it, the contents of the mystery box I posted about back in September that you have certainly forgotten about but I never did.