Yvonne & Madison {Family Session}

Ready for a Six-Degrees-of Kevin-Bacon like story, but with less degrees and no Kevin Bacon? Yvonne is Sharae's Aunt. {That was kind of a big build up to that revelation, wasn't it?}

When I met with Sharae for her portrait session, Yvonne asked me about taking pictures of her and her daughter, Madison. I honestly admit, I am very very jealous of Yvonne's hair...and her jewelery was super adorable too. And did I mention that they are absolutely gorgeous girls? Absolutely beautiful. My mom even called me after seeing the photos on Facebook, "OMG, what gorgeous girls!"

Madison is definitely a Mini-Sharae. She is sassy and I love it!

I know her hair is in her face, but I like it. So there. ;)

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  1. Nicely done. Keep up the good work...I love the bridge backgrounds. Wishing you continued blessings in your work and business.