Yvonne & Madison {Family Session}

Ready for a Six-Degrees-of Kevin-Bacon like story, but with less degrees and no Kevin Bacon? Yvonne is Sharae's Aunt. {That was kind of a big build up to that revelation, wasn't it?}

When I met with Sharae for her portrait session, Yvonne asked me about taking pictures of her and her daughter, Madison. I honestly admit, I am very very jealous of Yvonne's hair...and her jewelery was super adorable too. And did I mention that they are absolutely gorgeous girls? Absolutely beautiful. My mom even called me after seeing the photos on Facebook, "OMG, what gorgeous girls!"

Madison is definitely a Mini-Sharae. She is sassy and I love it!

I know her hair is in her face, but I like it. So there. ;)



Sharae's family calls her Sunshine. After hanging out with her for, oh about 30 seconds, it's easy to see why. I came up with another nickname for her: Sassy.


Anissa {Senior}

Oh goodness! I adore this girl. I met with Anissa all of 3 minutes before I started shooting and I was instantly smitten with her. She is so sweet and has this overall feeling of calm about her.

She also showed me how to get to the Train Bridge and pointed out that Church Street Grill has good nachos, but Sno To Go has bood burgers AND snow cones. Who doesn't love a good snow cone?

Anissa will graduate next May, in 2012 and she plans to stay in Carlsbad and attend NMSU-C (on the hill) for nursing. I tell you what, the nursing profession has a fantastic prospect right here.