Welcome To Carlsbad

I really want to share photos of our new hometown, but I'm waiting until the weather gets nicer and everything is a little bit greener. Right now we are at the beginning of what I'll call "Brown Season." We have nasty wind storms and combined with dry land, we have lots of dust. It turns the sky brown and coats everything. This is when my husband prefers to have the windows open. Sigh.

I'm still waiting for the first signs of Spring to start blooming. There aren't buds on the trees, no sign of new grass. We're in the between stages of seasons. No snow, no grass.

Yesterday was nice before the wind picked up. The sky was an absolutely beautiful shade of blue and the river was visible running through town. (Obviously it's not visible in the photo. LOL. It's a small town and I'm going to have to pace myself so I can show you more than five photos and be done.)

We went for a drive over C Hill and I caught this coming down. Yes, I was driving and using my camera at the same time. On a winding hill. I live on the edge.

C Hill

{I'm going to start publishing larger images on the blog. I don't think it's a layout issue if you're viewing through a reader, but it's a little wonky on the blog itself. One day I'll put on my deal-with-it hat, but that day is not today. LOL}

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  1. that's a great shot!
    Thanks for the compliment on our blog :)