I'm A Ginger

Oh hi, remember me? The girl who used to take pictures and shot a wedding that one time? Ring a bell? Is this thing on?

It's definitely time I start updating this blog more often and since we moved I really want to introduce you to my small town. But later. Today I want to share you something that even shocked me. Ready?

I'm a redhead.

Like really red, redhead. Like took-me-by-surprise-when-I-saw-the-photo redhead.

That's me in the foreground, in case you happened to miss the blazing RED hair. No dye, no highlights. All natural.

I always knew I had red hair, but I guess the older I got the more disillusioned I became. I thought that my hair was "browning" a little. Mellowing from RED to a brown with red highlights.

Not. Even. Close.

{photo taken by the brides sister's friend}