I must be a crazy person

September officially marked the month I began launching this whole photography business. September is also officially the last month we will be living in this house. Only a crazy person would try to launch a business and move in the same month.

Hi. I'm Trysha and I serve crazy on a daily basis.

I have had a hectic month; packing, throwing, washing, re-packing and branding. I am so blessed to have Lisa (I know I keep talking about Lisa Lisa Lisa, but people, she is AMAZING!). She sat and listened to my zany ideas, took my incoherent rambling and made it into something tangible. Then I scrapped the whole thing and she made what I wanted better.

All while I packed the kitchen.

I really want to devote a whole blog post on how I have come up with my branding concept, but that will have to wait. At least until the business cards come in.

In the mean time I found a really fun box in storage at my parents house that I packed at least 10 years ago. I pulled it out of the barn attic and sneezed off the accumulated dust and golden light, fairy dust and magic came out of the box. Wanna know what was in it?
Stay tuned. :)

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  1. so, did you ever tell us what was in the box from the barn??--More Tupperware???!!