Wedding: Two Months

I'm shooting my first wedding in two months and if I can be frankly honest (because this is an honest space) I feel like throwing up every time I think about it.

I may have also cried in my pillow...and the shower.

My dear husband, who is taking the roll of stork/cheerleader, calms me and tells me that I am ready.

"Lisa chose YOU. She liked the engagement photos. SHE wants YOU there."

I blubber on about how I don't have the right lenses or speedlight. I have no Pocket Wizards or off camera set-up at all. My camera could use an upgrade.

And then all the insecurities of shooting the wedding snowballs and it turns into a full-on meltdown of how I don't have the right shoes, clothes or hair. It's like I'm in the 7th grade again.

He pats my head, makes me coffee and lets me show him for the umpteenth time which lenses and speedlights I want, what camera body to upgrade to. He promises a pedicure, haircut and highlight before the wedding.

Lisa, I pray I don't screw this up; but if I do at least my hair will look good.



  1. Good luck on your dream. It's wonderful you have a cheerleader by your side. I would bet that would make so much difference between failure and success for a married woman with children.

  2. Thank you so much, Chris. :)
    It's awesome that my husband and I are working towards our different dreams together.
    Thanks for the luck!

  3. Hey! Okay, so my brother-in-law is a professional photographer and I know he's always looking for new inspiration on wedding shots and angles. If you're that way too, I highly recommend you check out www.dinofaphotography.com. They are friends of friends of mine and I find them quite accomplished. Good luck!