Score: 4-6

"Wanna play air hockey?"

A bell goes off in my head. My competition bell. Board games, trivia games, Mario Kart Wii and air hockey. My competitive side come out. I WILL get more Trivial Pursuit pie pieces before you. I will out trivia, out race and out hockey you. No holds barred. No matter how big you are.

My middle son, Brandon, and I went to a birthday party today and it was such a good time. And I totally let him win...the second game.


Wedding: Two Months

I'm shooting my first wedding in two months and if I can be frankly honest (because this is an honest space) I feel like throwing up every time I think about it.

I may have also cried in my pillow...and the shower.

My dear husband, who is taking the roll of stork/cheerleader, calms me and tells me that I am ready.

"Lisa chose YOU. She liked the engagement photos. SHE wants YOU there."

I blubber on about how I don't have the right lenses or speedlight. I have no Pocket Wizards or off camera set-up at all. My camera could use an upgrade.

And then all the insecurities of shooting the wedding snowballs and it turns into a full-on meltdown of how I don't have the right shoes, clothes or hair. It's like I'm in the 7th grade again.

He pats my head, makes me coffee and lets me show him for the umpteenth time which lenses and speedlights I want, what camera body to upgrade to. He promises a pedicure, haircut and highlight before the wedding.

Lisa, I pray I don't screw this up; but if I do at least my hair will look good.


Just Jump

Yes, I have a lame stock template.
Yes, I have a blogspot.com domain.
But I have a camera and a dream/goal/plan.

I have written, deleted and re-written this first post about 6 times. I am shooting a wedding. Yes, someone actually asked me to shoot their wedding. After I picked my jaw up off the floor I texted her back "are you sure?" I shoot things like my kids, my dog and what I made for dinner. And none of it is particularly, overwhelmingly entrancing. Yes, I have cool shots of my boys, dumb stuff my dog does and some French toast I made. None of that makes me a wedding photographer.

I offered Lisa, who is my first Bride, a free engagement/family session. If she didn't like it, cool. Maybe there's one or two photos she did like and can print for herself. If she DID like it; well then let's talk, girlfriend. Last week I went to her house and the entire wall was filled with photos that I took.

I'm jumping around but point is: she liked me, hired me and I'm shooting her wedding in October. And then I'll be shooting a maternity session in December. And another maternity session when I chat with Melissa and can figure out when we can get together (oh. Surprise Melissa! For part of your baby shower gift I want to give you and Tony a Maternity Session.) I hope to entice a friend of my husband, who recently got engaged, to let me shoot an engagement session.

I have a plan. Not a clear path, but I feel like I finally have a tangible hold on my dream. Some days this dream feels bigger than I am.

I believe if you put positive things out there, positive things will come back. You have to fail to succeed but first you gotta jump in.

I'm ready to jump.

(And because posts are better with pictures)
Two of my kids:
Back to School '10

The third kid:
4.17 060

Dumb stuff Dug does:
Upside down dog sleeps...upside down

French Toast:
4/365: Challa French Toast